Accessed url in ERPNext deploy by Helm chart

Hi everyone

I haved sucessfully deployed ERPNext to my local machine

However I do not understand how to access to the ERPNext frontend from here

I tried to include erpnext.cluster.local into my /etc/hosts following my svc config

frappe-bench-0001-erpnext           erpnext           ClusterIP               80:http/TCP

But no luck

I haved also try to play with --set createSite.enabled=True in my helm install command but nothign change.

Can someone elaborate to more more on the createSite.enable and createSite.siteName in the helm config ?

Best regards

if it’s on local machine, try adding in /etc/hosts

did you install any ingress controller?

Hi @revant_one

I did add erp.cluster.local into /etc/hosts before

I follow to debug the api request via Ingress. I can confirm that the request went to the desired service.

My other attemps:

  1. exec in to the erpnext-python container to run bench new-site erp.cluster.local
  2. run k8s job to create site (src:
    code snippet: attemp at creating erp new-site using k8s job · GitHub)
    This approach seems to work before though :frowning: (src: add new site job failed · Issue #47 · frappe/helm · GitHub)

However both approaches give me the error

Attempt 1 to connect to mariadb-erpnext.erpnext.svc.cluster.local:3306
Attempt 1 to connect to frappe-bench-1-erpnext-redis-queue:12000
Attempt 1 to connect to frappe-bench-1-erpnext-redis-cache:13000
Attempt 1 to connect to frappe-bench-1-erpnext-redis-socketio:11000
Connections OK
Created user _aac081bc588a7088
Created database _aac081bc588a7088
Granted privileges to user _aac081bc588a7088 and database _aac081bc588a7088
For key character_set_server. Expected value utf8mb4, found value utf8
For key collation_server. Expected value utf8mb4_unicode_ci, found value utf8_general_ci
Creation of your site - erp.cluster.local failed because MariaDB is not properly 
configured.  If using version 10.2.x or earlier, make sure you use the 
the Barracuda storage engine. 

Please verify the settings above in MariaDB's my.cnf.  Restart MariaDB.  And 
then run `bench new-site erp.cluster.local` again.

Database settings do not match expected values; stopping database setup.

While I am using mariadb version 10.5.12

Thank you in advance for your help

frappe needs additional Mariadb configuration

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Thanks, my bad for not reading it carefully