Accessing ERPNext from other PC on LAN


I have installed ERPNext on my local PC. and am able to access the same through IP of the pc on my browser for eg (

But not able to access the same on other PC in LAN through this IP, what am I missing?

I have user bench serve command with port 8001.


It may help to say what OS is hosting ERPNext. Has the firewall been configured to allow access to your host ports from the lan?

If you’re running Linux on your PC/laptop…

  1. Make sure port 8001 is bound to And not localhost. A long time ago, ERPNext would bind to localhost by default, when running bench start.

    To verify that, run the following command in your Linux terminal:

sudo lsof -nP -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN | grep 8001

Make sure 8001 is not bound to

  1. Examine your firewall rules. Does your Linux device allow inbound traffic to TCP 8001?

If you’re running Windows/Mac on your PC/laptop (with ERPNext inside a VM/container)

  • Debugging will depend on your setup.
  • You may need to enable Port Forwarding on your PC, so that traffic arriving on 8001 is forwarded to your Linux container/VM.
  • You may need to adjust network settings on your VM/Container, to allow for inbound traffic that’s not originating from your host PC.

Hard to advise correctly without more details.

I am running ERPNext on Windows PC through UBUNTU 18.04 LTS

Below is the screenshot

All my firewalls are off. The IP and port is working fine on same PC but not from other PC.

May we see the output of the commands: sudo ip a and sudo iptables -L ?

I am able to access my ERPnext from one of my PC and the same host PC but not from other PC in network. Is there any specific reason?

What does this show…

ss -tnlp

(if you don’t have ss installed, you can do netstat -tnlp instead)