Accessing external ip on https

hello all,i need a small help ,please let me know if you know the solution.
i have installed my erpnext on gcp vm instance is running on http://external.ip.
but now i need to run it on https://external.ip.
can u please tell me how to approach for this in gcp.

If using IP address, you cannot do https. You’d need to set up a dynamic DNS system, and then get a certificate for that domain

That’s not hard but requires few tweaks. First of all you need a domain name.

If you have a domain name I can provide commands to add SSL to your site.

As others said, you need a domain name. If you are concerned about security, you can make it local only by using some tunneling service like tailscale.

thank you @MrKovalski ill go for the tailscale method.

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