Account Accounts Receivable - RGPL cannot be a Group

Howdy Team,

AWESOME WORK (as per usual) with the AMAZING updates to v6! The crew @ ERPNext are perhaps the most brilliant minded guys and girls working with OpenSource!

Onto the question…

After updating to v6, when we attempt to SUBMIT a SALES INVOICE (this may have been an issue earlier, it is just that we are only NOW attempting to SUBMIT a LOT of ‘DRAFT’ Sales Invoices)…we see the error below:

“Account Accounts Receivable - RGPL cannot be a Group
Did not save”

Can you please point me in the correct direction to resolve this matter?

Kind regards,


@reciphergroup thanks for your kind words, but your comments are getting embarassing.

Isn’t the message clear?

Hahaha OK enough with the compliments :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies; however whilst the message is ‘clear’, the solution is not…

In the Chart of Accounts, we cannot find an account specifically called ‘Accounts Receivable’

Can we search for this specific account perhaps?

Check your default settings in Company.


So we have this problem agaIn when submitting a Sales Invoice. Understand it may be clear to the developers though to native English speakers, it is quite ambiguous.

For example, ‘Accounts Receivable cannot be a Group’ would indicate that somehow the account ‘Accounts Receivable’ has been changed to a Group (or now has Child-Accounts)

In our case, there are two Child Accounts under the Accounts Receivable account (one for different offices). The PROBLEM is that we cannot select the Child Account as it does not appear in the list…

The REALLY odd thing is that IF I try to create a NEW account under Application of Funds \ Current Assets (as that is where you have placed Accounts Receivable ) we cannot select ‘Asset’ as a Root Type (as the Accounts Receivable is set).ONLY options are Bank, Cash, Warehouse, Tax, Chargable).

So where to from here? We cannot Submit Sales Invoices due to this error. It would be great if it have an option of ‘usuable accounts’ rather then just spitting up the message and closing