Account Balance and Stock Value is out of sync. Please create adjustment Journal Entry for amount

Hi, I am getting this error

Account Balance (XX) and Stock Value (XY) is out of sync for account Stock In Hand - BPG and linked warehouse (‘Stores - BPG’, ‘Work In Progress - BPG’, ‘Finished Goods - BPG’ and ‘Shree Ambika Estate - Plant - BPG’). Please create adjustment Journal Entry for amount (XX).

Can anyone assist why I am getting this ? Is that a issue with the system or my accounting entries ?

(XX) & (XY) represents amount in error

I Checked with the Values in Warehouse Tree and values in Stock in Hand in general ledger, they both match perfectly.

Any Help on this ??

@Pujan_Thakkar Any update on this?

@Basant_13 not yet.

There is mismatch in accounting books. Please create a Journal Entry for the difference amount to adjust the balance based on the stock value.

Hi , Jay I checked with the accounts but there is no mismatch, also you cannot create a Journal Entry for Stock In Hand accounts it should be done only through stock transactions.

Now I am seeing another error, Please check.

Also the stock report already shows qty available in warehouse


@Mitchy25 this is the one I was talking about.

The issue is when I try to submit the material in purchase receipt with “Raw material Supplied” as YES, I receive the above error.

First I received the error for Value Mismatch and now its Stock not found in warehouse - screen shots shared above.

Same here. Any idea?

Same problem. Please we need help

In the chart of account after making adjustment entry my stock in hand total is still wrong based on the calculation of child accounts.

The total should be 11585301. You can check by adding the child accounts amount

I guess this issue is resolved in version 12.2.1, I have not updated yet, anyone has done it ?

Are you sure? I’ll try to update the system. I’m not sure what sorts of issues I’ll face while updating.

The said version states that they have removed the check validation feature for the error.

Did you get any “TypeError: argument of type ‘NoneType’ is not iterable” while creating any invoice/supplier/customer? And did you restore your database? If so, from which to which version?

Nope, Have not received such error

Purchase Receipt is also Not able to fetch Batch Wise Stock from Work In Progress and due to which error of stock becoming negative is recieved.