Account Ledger not listed

Hello, we created a personalized chart of accounts, however, when we want to select default accounts for products, only some of the accounts are displayed, and the account I want to use is a ledger, not a group, but it’s clearly created in the account tree, however, not available to select. We are running version ERPNext: v7.2.14 & Frappe Framework: v7.2.12

Hi @wizard0207,

In most transactions, accounts are filtered based on their account type, in order to reduce the selection list and propose only the relevant accounts.

Make sure that the accounts you want to select have the right account type (receivable, payable, etc…)

More specifically, which default account are your trying to setup ? Item Income acccount ?

Thank you very much. I think you got the issue right, I have changed a few rights and looks like they are populating now. Thanks again !