Account migration from Tally to ERPNext V13

From 1st April 2021, We are using ERPNext for project and HR management. Our accounting is still on Tally. Now we need to migrate all the accounting data from tally to ERPNext and switch off tally.

We are already using Project, Payroll, Leave, Support, Task & Timesheet of ERP modules.

Can anyone guide me the steps or process for this migration?
Is there any step by step guide which we can follow and migrate tally data to erpnext manually or through tools?


you have to do each entry manually.

I haven’t used it personally, but ERPNext has a Tally migration tool built in. Just type Tally into the search bar.

thanks this is usefull i also dont know about this

Download your daybook from Tally in xml, then zip that xml file.

Then go to Tally migration tool in ERP Next and upload that zipped file.

Then follow on-screen instructions.

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