Account number doesnt show after bulk update


I have imported a custom chart of account without numbers. Then I exported with data export tool, then I reimported with account numbers. Everything went smooth. But it does not appear on chart of account view. I have refreshed with two methods and also flushed cache.

Any idea what to do to get it?

There are four fields in the Account DocType: Name, Account Name, Account Number, Company. Name is usually a combination of Account Number, Account Name and company abbreviation.

You probably updated the Account Number, but the not the Name.

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Thank you @rmeyer for the tip, I have played a little with this after your answer, but it turned out there is no import option for Name.

There is an ID in the exported file, but that is necessary to identify what data do we want to update, so I cannot extend that, bc system wont recognize it. I think thats not that what we looking for.

But I did not find any other similar name field:

Column Labels: ID Account Name Company Parent Account Disable Account Number Is Group Root Type Report Type Currency Inter Company Account Account Type Rate Frozen Balance must be Include in gross
Column Name: name account_name company parent_account disabled account_number is_group root_type report_type account_currency inter_company_account account_type tax_rate freeze_account balance_must_be include_in_gross

Nor on the form:

What did I miss?