Account number.What purpose?

Kudos to the team and the community for the newly rolled out version 10.One of the much awaited features that was rolled out with version 10 is the account number.One of the main function of account number is to determine the positioning of an account in the finacial statement.But i discovered this is not the case in version 10.Just for example if you give the following numbering in the COA:
and you go to balance sheet to see the positioning of the above,it will never be arranged in the above manner.In fact the number never show in the balance sheet.Or maybe i am missing something.Kindly help @tundebabzy @nabinhait

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Thanks for indicating it. The ordering of Accounts in the Chart of Accounts will be based on original structure of Chart of Accounts only. For the feature of sorting it based on Account Number, please create Github Issue for it.

@umair i have raised the issue at Accounting Numbering in COA should Determine the Account Position in the Financial Statement · Issue #12360 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub