Account on ERPNext

Hi team can anyone tell me that if we make an account on ERPNext can we not perform customization of fields ?

I was able to generate sales invoice , create customer , create supplier etc but once the sales invoice got generated I could not custom it and I have no idea why it could not happen .

Another question is that once we generate a sales in voice can we(user) only see "BATCH NUMBER"and “SERIES NUMBER” on his screen will it not be printed on sales invoice(Though ideally it should get printed but since I could not edit the fields therefore I could not see it on invoice )

Customise your print format doctype for sales invoice and add all the fields you want to see in print view.

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could you please elaborate a litle more .Actually that is what I am already doing .May b I am missing a little step somewhere hence cannot see any change in the sale invoice

it would be helpful if you’d be able to describe a bit what you are actually doing and what results you expect from those actions. Also using the ERPNext terminology (“Save” & “Submit”) rather then your own (“generated”) would be beneficial for understanding your issue.