Account Required Error in Sales Invoice

Hellow Team,
Am having this account error while trying to submit a sales invoice. It is only for this particular customer.I have compared with the other customers and everything seems to be ok.

Kindly assist

Unfortunately that message is too general to resolve this

Unless someone has more insight, here are two ideas - but these require server access and some code level skill

  • in the database, compare tabCustomer entries for clues to what may be amiss with that one entry - say a blank field or a character encoding issue

  • in the save_doc code, set a break point - for eg import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace() - to pinpoint the code where the message is thrown.

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Hi Clarkej,
I did a frappe update and restarted the server and luckily the error was fixed.

Hellow Clarkej,
Am I upgraded from v12 to 13 and in this server, I am having this error whenever I try to cancel a sales invoice.Screenshot%20from%202021-02-15%2001-48-39

I did bench setup requirements and got the below

What could be the problem?