Account Statement only showing chart not the transaction detail

Hi Guys,

Im Enggar and new to the whole ERPNext thing.
I need to perform accounting statement, but all the report from accounting statement only showing chart not the detail transaction. The table blank with nothing to look at.

I checked my coa setting end each of the coa have their own Report Type. Im assuming this Report Type is link to accounting statement, but when Im opening the report they are only showing chart.
Im not really need the chart but the detail transaction.

Above is the ss of my profit loss statement.
My question is, How can I showing the detail transaction in the report?
Do I miss something when setting up the chart of account?

Please tell me if you guys have any idea, it mean a lot to me.
Thank you

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Can you try to “reload” or click on “refresh” and check?

Hi Pawan,

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve tried refresh it multiple time but still not working.
Before the system update the report show the transaction detail, but after system update it to the current version suddenly the report goes blank.
Is there any setup to produce the report beside define it in the COA?

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It solved,
there are some bugs in my current version
So I decide to rebuild it, then the report succeeded perform

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