Account tree balance doesn't change

Hi guys, I have some issue with my account tree. I have some equipment and already enter it in asset list with the gross amount of it, but when I looked into my account tree the balance of fixed asset still zero. where’s wrong with the balance or the asset list is not sync with the account tree? because accounting software should be double entry, right, and the passive account which I want for the fixed asset is paid-in capital.

If you have entered those assets as existing, then erpnext assumes that accounting entry for those asset is already done via some Journal Entry. May be in your case, you did not book those entries.

And if you are entering as fresh asset, you have to create Purchase invoice against those asset and it will post related accounting entries.

@nabinhait yeah I entered those fixed asset as existing, so what I need to do right now is making journal entry of purchase invoice? or i should remove those fix asset and make an journal entry?

Are you just started using erpnext? If yes, you might already booked those asset value in your previous system. And in that case, it should be updated as part of opening balance.

Otherwise, if you never booked accounting for those assets, don’t mark as an existing asset and make Purchase Invoice to book the fixed asset value.

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@nabinhait yeah i just using erpnext and trying to understand it, manual doesn’t give information with my issue so i’m little bit of confuse here. I will try to modify my fixed asset and make purchase invoice, hopefully it will be fixed. thanks btw :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’m also seeing this issue

Uploaded 3000+ transactions under journal entry for cash account. Balances in account tree still display 0, even though I have done the usual “Reload” to refresh the page.

When I do General Ledger report (or View Ledger option when I clicked on the account name), the journal entries are showing all the transactions for the account.

Log out, log in again, account tree is still showing 0 balance.

Wasn’t seeing this issue in V9. I have just upgraded to V10.