Account zero in General Ledger but minus in Balance sheet

Hi all, all my accounts are reconziled in General Ledger. I have several accounts which are zero. Now in Balance sheet, they show a minus amount.
I checked several days and can’t find anything.
Anyone has encountered that as well and can help?
Much appreciated,


What had to be done was year currency revaluation.
btw I encountered an issue when wanting to book it and want to share my experience here:

Let’s say:
Company base currency = HKD
Foreign Bank account #1021 = EUR

EUR bank account is reconciled and shows zero (0).
in Trial balance, HKD balance of account #1021 shows 300
Therefore, we accumulated exchange rate differences of HKD 300 during the financial year. These HKD 300 need to be booked as exchange gain loss.

So in order for the Bank account #1021 to stay at zero, we would need to book:
6946 (Exchange gain loss) to 1021: EUR 0 | HKD 300
BUT, ERPNext doesn’t accept EUR 0.


  1. 6946 (Exchange gain loss) to 1021: EUR 20 | HKD 600
  2. 1021 to 6946: EUR 20 | HKD 300

Like this, ERPNext accepts it and your EUR and HKD balance will be zero.