Accounting data import

I am trying to migrate(import) all the master data of existing Tally in my new ERPNext. How can I do that ? Help needed.

You can import your sales and purchase transaction via excel

Can’t we migrate all the existing data of Tally to ERPNext at once?

First go to import in ERPnext, download a template and observe it, now Export from your tally, modify the tally data by removing extra data and Putting proper title as example import template from ERPnext, now after adjusting all data you can upload and import.

NB: I never used tally before so I’m not sure how to export nor have any idea if you can do it.

It’s simple to export data from Tally. But it would be time consuming to import/export data one by one. I wanted to migrate whole master data of Tally to ERPNext at once. Is it possible?

I dont think so, you have to make a plan module wise, and this may not take more than 3days if you have large data.
But data filtering may take time, this depends on how fast you can adjust.

I just tried all employee data with in 3 hours which was our (my team) first test, and we can go faster now. may be an hour for each module.

I haven’t tested, but like to share with you.

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After clicking “Processing master data”, it goes nowhere. Do we need to code from back-end as well ?