Accounting Dimension not shown in sales invoice

New accounting dimensions are not shown in sales invoices nor sales orders. It is shown however, in purchase invoices, orders and individual sales invoice items


Sales Invoices “as entity” have no accounting dimensions (cost center or custom ones …) . This information is stored in each item line. Note that one sales invoice may contains various sales orders with different cost centers/accounting dimensions …

When you create a new sales invoice, you can see “Cost center” / accounting dimensions fields. If you select data there, it will be transferred to each sales invoice item line.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much this is very helpful. This clear one missuderstanding.
However, new accounting dimension are not shown in the invoice. I understand it will not be included but it will let me set the dimension for all invoice items instead of going there one by one.
It is showing with purchase order and invoice though