Accounting for customers

Hello, is there a way when creating an account for a customer in the chart of accounts to enable 3 extra accounts per customer? What i mean by that is :
1- the main account for customer where when he pays the money , it will
Be transfer to that account.
2- taxes and charges on the ammount he paid.
3- the pure gain from that customer
Is there a way to link 3 accounts but each one has a different purpose to show the money?
I know there is an accounting section in the customer but i don’t see a way to link the ideas that i mentioned on top

This feature is not available as this is not a standard practice in International Financial Statement reporting.

You will have to get this customized.

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Okay thank you!

This is not a good idea, it’ll be hard for you to use the ERP like this. ERPNext uses a common Debtors and Credit account. Reports like Accounts Receivable / Payable are available in the Accounts Module.

See the user guide:

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okay thanks for your help !