Accounting journal entries modified or erased


I am exploring ERPnext to decide if we start using it in our company

Doing some exercises in ERPnext I found two major issues that I want to know if there is a way to prevent them from happening:

  1. There are processes that can modify journal entries that were posted before the creation of that document.

For example, a landed cost voucher goes and modifies the journal entry caused by the inventory receipt, instead of creating new journal entries to do the adjustment.

These is a big problem because if we closed the period the action of updating a previous journal entry can modify the numbers for that period and that will be incorrect in any audit processes.
Is there a way to avoid that?

  1. You can amend (cancel) a submitted document and the system erases its related journal entry instead of doing a reverse entry to cancel it.
    Is there a way to prevent that?

The main point I am asking is that we need to be sure that a journal entry cannot be modify or deleted in order to main the integrity of our accounting books… is there a way to achieve that in ERPnext?

Thanks for your help.

The next version (13) will come with an immutable ledger that behaves as you’d expect.

Currently, you can close an accounting period. Once it’s closed, nothing can be modified anymore.

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Thank you Raffael Meyer!

After reviewing V13 release of ERPnext I have the following question:

For stock movement it says that journal entries will change if the stock is still in the warehouse… that applies for perpetual inventory (avarage costs) or only for FIFO?

Is there a way to avoid changes in the journal entries and instead register a revaluation entry that also changes the inventory cost?

Sometimes we register landed cost for inventories a few days after receiving the inventory (and that can mean a period change) , and sometimes the inventory is not in the warehouse and we send that to a complementary cost account. I don’t see an option in ERPnext to put the date of register of the landing cost voucher… how can we register it if the period is closed?

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