Accounting ledger not posted

Dear ERP next users,
when i prepare a delivery note and submit it it must show the accounting ledger by affecting cost of good sold and warehouse but it is not showing and posting the accounting transaction.(i have enabled to post accounting entry for any stock transaction by default on setting)and also i have given the default income account and default expense account for item in the item master.thanks

Inside “Accounting Setting” form,
-Enable “Make Accounting Entry For Every Stock Movement”
(tick inside check box and save form )

@shraddha as i have mentioned on my question i have thicked(enabled it on accounting setting.

also when i check it by creating account on demo site of erpnext,its not posting the account transaction for delivery note,please check it?(i have selected a warehouse and expense account for that item transaction)

also when i make a purchase receipt,its ok it shows the accounting transaction for does not have problem,only delivery note is not posting accounting transacton,please give me a solution.
thanks in advance!

before you make delivery note, you must make purchase receipt first and or quantity item != 0

@komsel2228 thanks .it works.