Accounting Ledger of delivery note does not show anything except header

Dear All,

I have created a Delivery Note, Make Invoice and Make Payment but in Delivery Note, when I want to see accounting ledger it does not show anything and in voucher no field it display Delivery Note Number. Please help.

Mithilesh Kumar

Have you logged in as Administrator or as some other user?

If other user …do you have authorization to view the account??

@2002 Please note that the accounting entry for deivery note (DN) is only made if your system is making Accounting entry for each and every stock movement.

Now generally speaking DN is only a stock movement entry and there would be no accounting entry for a DN if you have unchecked the option for make accounting entry for every stock movement see below:

Also if you check the accounting entry for every stock movement then your warehouses should be having the options for accounts see the screenshot below:

If all the above are true for accounting entries for stock movement then you would see the account posting entries for every DN as below:

I hope you would be able to find the problem now in your system, taking cues from the above screenshots.