[Accounting Module] December Update

All, with v10 the focus for December, the Accounting module team was able to close 3 issues from our December target.

There are many interesting discussions taking place in our Telegram group which we hope to organize better for the entire community to see.

Our goal is to get better organized and keep updating the Accounting milestones monthly and also reach out to the community to monitor feedback and raise money for development and improvement of the Accounting module.

We welcome community members to join. Also calling all Accounting module volunteers to come forward with ideas of how they can contribute imdividually so we can improve the accounting module together.

We will be having our first call of the new year on Wednesday the 10th of January. I will post details on a separate thread.

Happy New year to all!


Awesome! Look forward to your updates… also might be a good idea to list specific members and list of projects the team is working on.

Please provide link to the Telegram group.

Please message me your number and I will add you.