[Accounting Module] Payment & Receivable Entries are getting made to Journal Ledger


I am an IT personnel assigned to implement ERP Next solution in our organization. We have successfully added the chart of accounts, but our CA is communicating the following issue:

  1. All payment entries are being made to Journal Ledger, rather than payment entry.
  2. All receipt entries are being made via Journal Ledger, rather than receivable entry.

She says, this supposed to be made in this fashion:

  1. All payment entries being made should be in payment ledger.
  2. All receipt entries being made should be in receivable ledger.

My question is, can this be done?

Would request any form of help. As we are stuck and I have no accounting background.

Thank you for your time.


Check accounts settings, you’ll get the option to change to Payment Entry:

Always give a check to the documentation. You’ll find a lot of configurations already there to help out with the implementation.

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First of all thank you for providing the time to responding to the issue by pointing me to the right direction.

I checked with the settings, and found that the checkbox is already unticked.

Wouldn’t checking the box will make the payment entry to open up a journal entry already?


Yes. It should.

If this isn’t happening try this:

  1. Check and enable payments via JV.
  2. Reload using Ctrl + Shift + R (clear cache).
  3. Make a payment to confirm this is working.
  4. Go back to the settings. Uncheck > Save and the clear cache using Ctrl + Shift + R
  5. Make payment from invoice and check.

Will be helpful if you can share the Frappe and ERPNext versions of your setup so community members can test and verify if something’s wrong all across.


Thank you for replying back again.

So I followed the steps, and payment entries made to external parties are showing up in General Ledger > Voucher type > Payment Entry.

For reference, I’ve uploaded the image below. Since I am no accountant, I’d confirm this with our CA, but if it look correct to you, please let me know.

As for the apps installed over Frappe cloud instance, please check the image below.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Hi. Looks like your accountant is from Tally world. Difficult to make her understand how real ERP work. System is doing the right thing. When user submits information in payment entry system is passing ledger entry.

Either the accountant should read ERPNext manual or you should ignore her.

We have worked with KPMG for their client ERPNext installation. KPMG has tested ERPNext thoroughly before offering it to their clients through us. Grant Thornton has done audit of few of our clients and have not raised any concern.

Go ahead with ERPNext with confidence that it’s one of the rare software that is compliant to accounting standards. FYI. For production use, V12 is the stable one. V13 is still in beta mode.