Accounting of ERPNEXT and Tally

Hello Team,

am using erpnext this is just awesome. but when am coming to Accounting module there is any flowchart how we can go ahead with this. ?? in diffreence of Tally Accounting and ERPnext Accounting. ?

There are a few differences between Tally and ERPNext. A few configuration settings that you need to select, based on the type of information you want to see.

Your best bet is to begin using ERPNext, see how it impacts the Chart of Accounts and then make corrections and so on.

Decide whether you want to pass an accounting entry for every stock transaction. Tally users get most messed up if you say yes to this. If you don’t you will need to make complex maneuvers to get the Cost of Goods Sold at the product/item level.

The other thing that is different is that there are no separate ledgers for each Customer / Supplier. However you do get all information for each customer and supplier.

Once you get used to the switch over you will surely realize that ERPNext does accounting much better than Tally, but your switchover will not be without its fun filled (aka stressful) moments.


@JayRam This is an important question for Indian users. Can we have a community wiki which details FAQs. A Tally vs ERP Accounting Differences would be great. Or is there some other forum where this could be done?

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