Accounting Process in ERPNext

Hi Experts,

I am using ERPNEXT for manufacturing company.
I don’t have Accounting background, so I really need help.
I have read several article and user manual, but still can’t find the suitable explanation for my situation.

For the beginning I am create entry journal with entry type opening entry. After I have opening balance, I start importing my item, bom, supplier, customer, bank account and other. Then I am using work order to produce my finished goods and sell it.
Every month the accounting division in the company need to close period.
I am using voucher close period to close monthly period. When I am starting new month, the opening balance for current month is empty. Is that whats going to happen every month?
I have to import my opening balance?
or I am doing it wrong all this time?

My opening balance in August

After voucher close period

My opening balance in September

I also trying using accounting frozen up to, but after I am doing it in August 25th then I still can make PO in August 21th. Is that suppose to happen?
I thought after I froze the account, I can’t make any transaction in the frozen month.

Please anyone give me some advise, because after I am reading some articles and manual I think I still do it wrong.
Your help mean a lot to me.

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As far as I know erpnext does not support period monthly, only yearly or quaterly or whatever, only one period level, no split, if you define one year as your period you cannot define more small period under it.

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Thank you for your reply.
So if I can’t close period every month, how do I prevent back date transactions?
Does using accounting frozen up to is enough?

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Purchase and Sales Orders have no accounting impact, thus they will not be frozen. Purchase invoices and Sales Invoices do, so those are lockable.

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Thank you for your reply.
That’s why I still can make PO but I can’t invoice it.

Let me summarize. Erpnext can’t close period every month, when I am using accounting frozen up to it just effective to prevent back date transactions for purchase invoice and sales invoice.

Then what can I do to prevent back date transactions every month?
What about my opening balance in the new month? How can I get ending balance to become my opening balance?
Do I have to create journal entry every month?

Hope you have any suggestion for me.

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it can, observe before closing

and after closing

Froze it, to prevent financial transactions, you cannot prevent non financial transactions.

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Thank you for your reply.
How can close the period monthly? Is it using the voucher close period?
I am sorry, I am so lost at this.

Currently I am discussing your picture with my colleague.

Okay, got it. Thank you.

yes, you can use different equity accounts for different purposes