Accounting Ratios

How can we display following ratios in ERPNext:

  • Working Capital: Current Assets - Current Liabilities
  • Current ratio: Current Assets/ Current Liabilities
  • Working Capital Turnover: Sales/ Working Capital
  • Debt Equity Ratio: Loans ( Liabilities)/ Capital+ Net Profit
  • Return on Investment: Net Profit / Revenue ( Income)


For now ratio reports are not available in ERPNext. You can followup with us on this reports via following Github Issue.

Any update on this so far?

@Khizar this isn’t picked up yet.

Is there any plan to develope, Accounting Ratios?

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Sounds relatively simple and really useful.

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Yeah this is a good idea and it goes beyond just Accounting.

I did some thinking a while back about a “Metrics” DocType that might dovetail with Dashboards/Charts and allow the creation of equations and functions that would allow for tracking OKR/KPI type stuff.

This would allow for things like LTV, Churn, Open Rates, Conversion Rates etc.

I found my last sketch of the idea and include it here: