Accounting Report:- Budget Variance Report

-I have created new Cost center and Added some ‘Account Head’ under that ,Allocated budget.
while creating new sales invoice selected respective Cost center and Income Account.
-Now, My question is why negative value displayed for “Sales-I” Account in 'Budget Variance Report ’ ? I have attached screen shot of “profit and Loss” Report and “Budget Variance Report”.

please help on this…

@nabinhait can you check?

Actually you can’t assign budget against an Income Account. I have added validation for that Validation on Account for assigning budget by nabinhait · Pull Request #3711 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub.

Is there a reason why an Income Account can’t be used in budgets. We would find it useful to give a CostCentre overview of profitability?

In general, budgeting concept does not apply on income account. But you can still get cost center-wise income analysis from Financial Statements report.

Understood. However, having some method of creating and tracking Sales targets would be a good addition!

Thanks @nabinhait .