Accounting Reports - Trading Account


I am looking for this kind of Report for our Company. Can Anyone please tell me where I can find the same in our accounting package. This is for reporting Gross Profit, after Which the PnL Statement calculates the Net profit.


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How to get this? Please share…

Did you get a solution to this?

Any update on this?

I realized that if you use perpetual accounting then you have to allocate separate purchase account and nit hit the stock account directly. Not sure how it can be achieved easily.

Making the Trading Account from ERPNext

Trading account is:

  1. Opening balance (From c. Trial Balance - all Stock accounts)
  2. Add Purchase Receipts (e. Purchase Register)
  3. Minus Purchase Returns (e. Purchase Register)
  4. Apply adjustments (-ve or +ve) (a. COGS and b. Stock In Hand not hit by SINVs/DNs/PRs/PINVs)
  5. Less Closing balance (From c. Trial Balance - all Stock accounts)
    = COGS

a. General Ledger - COGS - Pivot by Voucher Type (Shows you what extra has hit the account apart from SINVs)
b. General Ledger - Stock In Hand - Pivot by Voucher Type
c. Stock Ledger -
d. Sales Register - Filter for COGS and get the total (Verify if any other expense account has been affected apart from COGS)
e. Purchase Register - Find out Total purchases to match the Stock in Hand (Verify if any other asset/stock account has been affected apart from Stock In Hand)
f. Trial Balance - To verify balances

Use this for learning about Pivot Table to use during these transactions