Accounts Balances showing wrong balances different from GL Balances


I have recently implemented ERPNext and now, I am looking to close the fiscal year 2019-20. But all my reports are showing wrong balances in Chart of Accounts, Trail Balances and Balance Sheet.

For example a General Ledger Balance of an Expense Account - “Salary” is 1,49,234 (Dr) upto end of March 2020

My Trial Balance Report shows the Salary Account Balance as 6230 (Dr)) upto end of March 2020 which is wrong. The same balance is shown in my Chart of Accounts

Same is the case with other expense and income balances too.
Please help me correct the balances.

Thanks in Advance

@VinodKumarkolli Hey Did you find any solution because i am also facing the same problem.

Hi Rohan,
I found the issue is with the filters applied on the Trial Balance. I’ve created a ‘Finance Book’. Added all the journal entries with this Finance Book. In my case, changing the appropriate filters gave the balances as expected.

There seems to be a bug in the v14 trial balance, mostly to do with Finance Books

Worked around by changing this code:

if filters.get("include_default_book_entries"):
    additional_conditions += (
        " AND (finance_book in (%(finance_book)s, %(company_fb)s, '') OR finance_book IS NULL)"


if filters.get("include_default_book_entries"):

AND the same in frappe/apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/report/

if filters.get("include_default_book_entries"):
		additional_conditions.append("(finance_book in (%(finance_book)s, '') OR finance_book IS NULL)")
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