Accounts ledgers

Hi everyone,

I have been using ERP Next since a couple of months from now and implementing features for my wife’s company. Is a very usefull tool for me and I am planing to expand to more users in the future.
The point is that since last week I was updated to v8.0.20 version and since then I am not able to find accounts ledgers anywhere. It is very important feature for me and I am becoming crazy trying to find it like former version.
Is there anyway to find ledgers like old version or something like that ??
I hope you can orientate me with this.

Thanks for all!

I have the same problem. Can’t figure out why I lost several menu options after I was upgraded to V8.x I tried clearing the browser cache and looking at security. But I can’t seem to find out why. Maybe someone else knows?

As a work around for now, you can type “general ledger” in the search bar - top of screen, or the name of the report that is missing from the menu