Accounts Module Modification

  1. Journal Voucher Register: we are unable to extract as per basic requirement to perform day to day working as wel as tax compliances.

  2. Expenses Included in valuation A/c: also reflects Landed cost voucher entries. the said voucher entries are only for the purpose of valuation of stock.

  3. Issues in trf entry from Bank ($) a/c to Bank (INR) as wel as Vis a Vis.

When we make trf entry from one bank ($) a/c to Bank (INR) a/c.
We must follow FIFO method for use of such dollers for various reasons.

And you know that we are receiving $ from Export sales & same will use in Import or Travel card or may be transfer to INR A/c. so, if we received 1000$ @ 64/$ and another of 5000$ @ 66/$. we will book same in our $ a/c by considering such Exchange rate. when we will paid to importer like Rs. 12500 then a/c team will face problem about which rate to be considered for such transactions.

Even I checked to allocate payment but allocation is only for Purchase entry, PO entry & Journal entry. I tried to pass JV to remove effect of Exchange rate in Bank ($) a/c but could not suceed.

  1. Depriciation on Opening Assets:

in this case, issue is that we have some cummulative amount in opening balance. still we are trying to justify each asset whether it is lying with us or not.

  1. Repot of some Financial Ratio:

We requires Chart of some Financial Ratio like, Gross Profit Ratio, Net Profit Ratio, Stock Turnover Ratio, Working Capital Ratio, Debt/ Equity Ratio, Sales Turnover ratio and more.

  1. Value of Fixed Assets:

Some assets like Vehicles, we can not avail tax credit so we have to add on cost of vehicle as a part of cost. so, there is no any option to added back the same in basic value. yes we can consider gross value at a time then issue will raise at the time of Return filling. coz tax must be reflect seprate.

  1. Balance sheet sould be flexy with custom period:

if you said that you need status of balance sheet as on such date then we are helpless: so, it should be option as shown in Trial balance.

  1. Report of Profit & Balance sheet:

Some times we have to submit monthly or Quartery report of balance sheet/ P&L a/c. but in our system, it shows only net effect in that period only. it means Result of Q3 i.e Oct_Dec shows sumtotal of Debit-Credit only. it must be included Opening bal. i.e Cl bal of Q2.