Accounts Module Working Group

Hi everybody! As those of you who attended the conference or saw the live stream, you’ll remember that Liyakat @FinForce and I volunteered to organize a weekly working group around the Accounts module. Here’s the proposal:

  • A weekly call proposed for Thursdays at 7:00 AM EDT, 17:30 IST, 12:00 UTC, commencing on November 8th, 2018. I’ll set the agenda for the first call (later in this post) and after that we’ll do our best to be organic. Similarly, I’ll (sparsely) moderate the first few meetings and then we’ll have somebody else rotate into that responsibility.
  • Like the Agriculture module working group, there will be a telegram group to organize and facilitate realtime communication. Typically the call itself will be on Google Hangouts so we can do some screen sharing.
  • Typically we’ll end up meeting 3 times a month, but if you want to participate you should try to reserve whatever timeslot we land on every week.
  • Generally we’re going to limit calls to an hour or 90 minutes. From our experience in the Ag group, the thing that gets us off track the fastest is airing gripes. It ends up taking a lot of time and drains accumulated positive momentum.
  • For me, there are two continuous objectives of this working group that I hope you’ll embrace with me: 1) celebrate our wins and 2) hold each other accountable. That means we’re taking notes about who said they were going to do what (and when) and when somebody does something that qualifies as progress, they get positive feedback and encouragement (at least from me!). This helps us be continue to be motivated and continue contributing (code, documentation, user feedback). Criticism is expected to be voiced in a constructive and non-personal way.
  • The “end goal” is determined by the group. We may decide what feature set makes ERPNext “SMB Ready” or “Enterprise Ready” and work towards that. We are not making a to-do list for Frappe Pvt Ltd. This is a community effort and in this context, Frappe is part of the community; their participation is not obligatory, but is certainly most welcome.
  • Our first meeting will likely run very long (the Ag group we were having a lot of fun and it went for three hours).
  • Proposed agenda:
    • Introductions (who you are and why you’re here)
    • Discussion of goals for the working group (bring your baggage and your wish list)
    • I’d like to review any open pull requests and proposals relating to the Accounts module. We may not have time on this first call, but I think it would be a good habit to build in.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, please announce yourself and send me a direct message with your telegram handle or phone number. All are welcome! I suspect we’ll be most effective with a blend of users and programmers, so if you’re worried there isn’t a role for you in this group, I can assure you that there is.

I know it’s last year’s tagline, but let’s make this module better together.


Hey @tmatteson, is this group open for Learners as well and then maybe contribute in some way?

Hey @Mitali_Deshpande Of course! The perspective of new users is often over looked and it’s an important group to have represented. I’ll add you to the telegram group!

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Dear Tyler,

Sounds amazing.
Please add me to the group as well. Would love to contribute.

Hey Tyler

Its a great initiative. please count me in

@Mitali_Deshpande @ushashmi @rushikesherp
Please send your telegram handles to me or @FinForce in a PM and we’ll add you to the group.
Great to have you guys on board!

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Holding our first call tomorrow, here’s the calendar appointment.
Very excited to hear from you all!

When I open the calendar link I get this error: Could not find the requested event

What time is the call?


In. On telegram at “umair_sayed”.

Thanks everybody for joining the call! With some of the connection issues, I think we might try a different service next week? I’m open to suggestions…

To recap:
Action items this week:

  1. Tyler to set up a server for the group so we can be interacting with the same data on the same ERPNext branch, this will also allow us to try out new features like Saif’s Letters of Credit enhancement
  2. Collate GitHub issues with Accounts tag to help prioritize… there are just under 200 open issues though I think some of the oldest ones have been solved in V10 and V11
  3. Umair proposed we talk through the use cash for cash vs accrual and examine the if cash accounting functionality should be put into a regional module or not (we were talking about the US specifically, but I suspect that’s not isolated)

Looking forward to talking to you all next week!


Tyler kindly add me.
Telegram - @jaikejriwal

You are now part of the Telegram group

@glz - You also part of the group. Looking forward to good contribution.

Thank you.

Hi Everybody, calendar appointment for the call tomorrow:

Thanks so much Tyler

I am not sure this link is valid!?

It did open my Calendar, but responded ‘could not find the requested event’

Here’s another link, it seems to be working for me. May be an issue with how I’m publishing it?

I tried opening the link in a Chrome Incogito page, that prompted me to login, but same response.

I will PM you my email please if you’d email me that link…

same here…