Accounts receivable if Customer has no delay on payments

Hi all,

Don’t know if happens to anyone else and if is the default for the report on V12… But I have a customer that from Day one all his invoices are paid via payment entry and were done before the due date of the invoice.

But found out that on the accounts receivable that customer does not show! Is a setting / condition to show only if payments are after sure date?


did you check

  1. if the particar account is the one used for that customer?
  2. are there filters applied for the account report?

The only filter is the customer name that I type.

If is account number… That is a general account used by all… But only Customers with no due date on payments are not shown…

Are you talking about accounts receivable ledger or current debit/credit.
Any images to show the problem?

Here is an image from the General Ledger and the Dates were i filter the Customer Name:

Now this is the Accounts Receivable for the same Customer:

The customer has nothing to pay.