Accounts Receivable Summary Report Including Cancelled Invoices By Changing Posting Date

Hi Team,

I think we have a bug in Account Receivable summary. When I go and view the account receivable summary without changing the posting date everything looks fine and the outstanding amount match with General Ledger.
Please see the below screenshot.

From Account Receivable Summary

From General Ledger

However, by changing the Posting Date in Account Receivable Summary, outstanding amount doesn’t match with General Ledger for that particular customer. When I looks into further the reason behind the mismatch is Account Receivable Summary take into considering cancelled invoices as well.
Is that the case it should be? Or is it a bug?

Screenshot below for your reference

Account Receivable Summary - Changing posting date to 1-1-2021

General Ledger changing posting date to 1-1-2021 without including cancelled invoices

General Ledger changing posting date to 1-1-2021 including cancelled invoices

Can anyone help me on this?

Seems like a bug. Please open a Github issue