Accounts Receivable Summary Report Wrong

Accounts Receivable Summary is showing all entries irrespective of the companies. If a customer A have an outstanding invoice in Company X and if he pays any amount to company Y, the Accounts Receivable Summary report of Company X shows the payment entry as an advance entry. That payment entry should be seen only in the Accounts Receivable Summary of company Y. right?

Yeah! Maybe you haven’t booked to the right company. Or maybe you are not looking at the.correct company’s AR report!

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Thank you for the reply. But I have tried the same in multiple installation and it is showing wrong everywhere. AR Summery should show only the entries related to the company right? But it is coming on the wrong company.

Could be related to this

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We already updated our ERPNext version to

ERPNext: v12.12.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.10.0 (version-12)

However, the Accounts Receivable Report and Summary shows only the converted based currency of the company and doesnt show in a multiple currency or as the currency of the client and as per the documentation of ERPNext.

Is updating the system doesn’t solve it? It is our first time to update. I hope you could help me. Thank you.