Accounts Receivables Query Report should follow user permissions

Posted this as a bug here but wanted to also see if others have found a workaround? Using Report Builder to only display outstanding amounts is one possible way. But wanted to get feedback and see if community thinks this needs fixing.

Currently have a restriction on users based on the value of the Sales Partner field. Also have “strict” user permissions applied. This means that users can only a access documents where sales partner value = their user name or as defined. This works well for records viewing and reports via report builder.

However, the Accounts Receivable Query report still shows values related to other documents. Is there a way to limit the view on this? In other words an SQL query report (server side) is not following the user permissions, which is a bit nonsensical. UX solution should be that permissions are followed.

Steps to recreate:

  1. user’s permission restrictions are set to all documents where sales partner = John Doe
  2. set permissions to strict
  3. using the user’s (John Doe) account, generate an AR query report via Accounts → Accounts Receivable
  4. user is able to successfully generate the report (already has the right read permissions). However, note that there are records here that are not supposed to be viewable because the sales partner value is != John Doe .
  5. But if user opens one of the records from the AR report (basically clicking the link to the record), the record will not be displayed to error “restricted field”