Accounts User Unable to Select Supplier in Payment Entry - Doctype Permission Error

On v13.14.0 (frappe/erpnext) since past few days ago. Since that upgrade - our accounts user is unable to post payment entries. In To/From section as soon as she selects Supplier or Customer from the drop-down list - she gets a Doctype Permission Error. She is able to submit the draft payment entry created by system manager.

She is able to create new Purchase Invoice and new Sales Invoice (she is also sales user) - so she does seem to have permissions for Supplier and Customer doctypes. There have been no changes in our system permissions for months…

Will appreciate any guidance on how to resolve.

Same problem for me with payment entry and opportunity, when selecting Party Type. Still investigating…

Same error with payment reconciliation
No problem with user having morez Administration rights

Had to change permissions on DocType DocType, not sure it is very secured.
Not sure about how the “Select” box works.
Let us know,
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give supplier permission

What do you want to say, give permission on DocType “Supplier” ?
Thanks in davance