[Accounts Working Group Recommendation] 001: Bank Account doctype

as discussed in the Accounts Working Group we recommend a change to the behavior of the “Bank Account” Doctype.

At present the field “account” (which is a linked field to the Chart of Accounts) only allows for Accounts of the Account Type “Bank Account” to be selected.

I proposed in the Accounts Working Group to change that behavior to allow also Account of Account Type “Cash” for this field. I believe line 9 of the bank_account.js may be the place to change this behavior.

Also I believe (but that was not discusses, so this is not an official recommendation) csv import of “Bank Account” entries should be allowed at least for the “Account Manager” role. At present it is not allowed for anyone.

Any comments on this from the Community?


I agree with uploading bank account transaction data in a specific format. This would simplify the conciliation effort. The trick is to specify the mechanics of how this would work.

I have spoken with some local fintech participants, and many companies would love to have this ability, given that most of the banks provide an online service, but only through their portal. Eventually a connected API style format would be fantastic to bring simpler and faster workflows to staff operation bank transactions in ERPNext.

the “bank account” doctype however is not connected to accounts whatsoever I believe. It’s just a simple note which can be connected to a party (supplier/customer/employee, …). and somewhat to a CoA account.

So, what you mention here goes way beyond what the “bank account” doctype does I believe

Why do the Supplier form list only Company Bank Accounts? Don’t we need to select the Supplier’s Bank Account to issue payments to them?
I really start to think if the developers lately have any industry experience of knowledge about the domain.

in my v11 instance the Default Bank Account is selected from Bank Account entries (which are not CoA Accounts) but a separate Doctype which has no implication nor connection with the accounting module at all. So can you specify what exactly you mean and which version you are on?

As much as I understand frustration about things which may not work as one thinks they should I don’t think such comments are useful at all. We need to keep things constructive and practical.

I am certain that questioning common sense or industry experience of developers will certainly not make the product better whatsoever. And making the product better is what we are here for (no matter what our role in the community is) I believe.

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I do not think we should pat the backs of such people. ERPs server serious businesses and any problems may cause legal consequences for the companies. Thus, as you already know, ERP development requires more skills than just being able to code.
I always use the latest release. I update everyweek on Fridays.
We are willing to help. I see that people tend to stay behind on updates. Maybe my agressive update strategy is totally wrong.