Accrued Payment from Online Customers


In my company we sell items online, and its like this:

  1. Customer starts the order on the Website and pays in that moment on a Payment Platform (MercadoPago)
  2. We receive the order details automatically, start the manufacture and we see the approved payment, but the money will be available 15 days after that.

If I understood right, we need to add that payment in the first day on Accounts Receivable(AR) and then, 15 days later, “transfer” that to bank/cash. (simplified)

The Question: Is there a way to automate the last part? Do I need to manually insert the passing from AR to Bank 15 days after the sale is made? Cant I set a record at the same time the Sale is born?

How are you doing it?

PD: I want to record when is the money going to be available at the sale creation, so I can know before hand, for example, how much cash is going to be available the next week.

Someone? :confused:

It doesn’t need to apply to my case, just to know how you are handling similar scenarios.

i am not expert on accounting in ERPNext yet but you seems have to write a custom script for that if you see approved payment in any form in ERPNext.

@lalena You can create the transaction for whichever payment and later give the Posting date via the Bank Reconciliation.

Currently this is the procedure through ERPNext.

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Is it correct If I add the Invoice and Payment at the same moment but set the Payment Posting date 15 days in the future?

Or is it better to register that future date in the “Cheque/Reference Date” in the Payment Entry?

I dont know how would it impact the Reports.

I will finally discuss it with our accountant, but I want to understand how ERPNext is intended to handle this