Activate the Hospitality module


I just made a fresh installment of ERPNext.
I could not find the hospitality module in the setup wizard.
How do I activate it?
I am talking about the module to manage restaurants, not doctors :slight_smile:

You can go to Domain Settings and enable any domain of your liking


Thank you.
Some work will need to be done on that one.
Anyone working on this now?

If you want to suggest some improvements and features in the Domain then you can start a github issue Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub and list out the things you’ve found and things that needs work. That’d be the fastest way to get response from anyone who is working on it and it’ll also help to track the development of the domain.

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@Zlash65 i enabled the hospitality in the domain setting and went to desk to click on Restaurant to create reservation.Any time i click on Restaurant in the form this error display "
Module Restaurant not found."
And truely in the Setup list of Module,hospitality does not show among the domain i activated.I have bench build and migrate.How do i overcome this error

After activating the domain try - Ctrl + Shift + R
This will execute a hard reload and cache would be cleared. See if the domain then becomes visible or not also just to be on the safer side
bench clear-cache & bench clear-website-cache from the terminal

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@Zlash65 i have done bench clear-cache & bench clear-website-cache yet the module is not visible in the set up list of module.
Dear all what do i do?

One possibility is that your user does not have the roles assigned. Check in the Role doctype if the roles for the domain you are enabling have been enabled or not.
If they are not, then you’ll have to manually enable them.

Next, after making sure that roles for the domain are successfully enabled, go to your User settings and see if those roles have been checked for you or not. If they are unchecked, then you’ll have to check them and then save.

Do a hard reload and see if the domain is activated for you now.

Same here. @Zlash65, is it working for you when you click on Restaurant as attached in the screenshot

No, it does not, as no module view has been created for it yet. The Restaurant module still falls under the beta tag and hasn’t been fully developed yet.

You can avail Restaurant by directly searching it in the search bar instead for now.

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Hello… in my case, Active Domains list appears empty. What’s wrong with this?


same here, did you find solution?

any update i have v 13

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