Activity Cost - one per employee across activities?

Hi guys,

We are currently considering whether ERPnext would work for us.

We have 85 employees, who can perform 10 different activities (client servicing, pre-sales, R&D, …).

The page “New Activity Cost” seems to only allow to input a cost for a couple [ employee + activity ].
It means that we would have to input 850 costs?

Can we instead set a cost per employee across all activities?
I’m wondering in the first place how the same employee could cost more or less depending on what s/he does.


I see that I can set a default rate for an activity, but I’d like to set a default rate for an employee.
Two employees performing the same activity can cost X times more based on their seniority/salary.

I think maintaining cost rates by employee feature is not present currently in ERPNext, a custom doc type could help in case thats your requirement, if you are looking to track employee cost, salary cost could be a good indicator for you which is available in case you are using ERPNext for payroll

Thanks for the reply.

But now, who could help on that?
If I understand well, ERPNext subscriptions will only cover support requests - like “how to use this feature” but won’t help us to create, say, specific doc types etc. am I right?
In which case, I saw your listing of providers but it does not seem to be maintained. For instance, the “VIP provider” Epoch Consulting has no website anymore - it seems like they ran out of business.

I’m very much confused about how to go ahead with the implementation and customisations.

You can post a job on community portal too and various providers would respond to you also.