Activity/Employee costing through HR instead of Activity

Hey all,

I’m an erpnext user, and stuck between two systems, hoping to migrate back, taking newly explored features back with me. One of the big ones was project profitability. I assumed it would be straight forward to calculate employee costing vs billable amount, and track purchases according to project to be able to calculate revenues, and P/L on fixed price projects. It looks as though it’s separated by activity type, per employee. For wage increases, this might be a bit tedious to update per employee/activity.

The idea of activity costing per employee opens a lot of functionality, but also creates some maintenance effort in the event of new employee or wage increase. The default costing rate was a great feature addition. It might take a while for me to figure out how to satisfy all ends when using dynamic costing rate (from employee doc) to fill in the activity or timesheet costing.

I’d like to reference this thread, which seems to set the scenario of billing agreements, and may reveal the requirement for cost vs revenue tracking: