Activity Type selection when Timesheet is made from Sales Invoice

again i am searching to the chance, to use erpnext in the future. Much time spent, but small issues make it extremly difficult to use. Because of that, i think it is the best, to make small steps.

Issue 1 - fetching Data

  1. I have a quotation - filled in, who is the customer. Made the items list. fine.

  2. i made a sales order from that quotation.

  3. i made a project of this sales-order. Inside the project, i checked, who is the customer.

  4. inside the tasks, i checked -
    issue: i have manually to fill in, who is the customer.

  5. i made a timesheet, logged with avtivity-types, time and so on. I checked, the customer is inside. ok …

  6. i start to make a sales-invoice out of this timesheet.
    issue: it opens a poup-window and asked me, who is the customer. Hey, the system knows this!

issue2: this popup-window asked me, which activity-type …???
if i have different tasks, inside the tasks different activity-types - with different amounts … i cannot see, that this makes sense.

What ist the idea, to have this function, this popup - all facts are inside the quotation, sales-order, project, task and timesheet. Why this popup window?

Thanks a lot

There is no standard field of Customer in the Timesheet and Timesheet details. Have you added a custom field for the Customer? If yes, perhaps you will also need to customize to pickup value in the Customer field from the customer field.

Activity Type is optional in the Timesheet. You can leave it blank if not required.