Actual Stock Qty in Item Search/Selection screen

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when our Order Entry people are on the Phone with the Customer, they need to advise the Customer which Product is available on stock and could be delivered quickly, while they are working on entering the Sales Order.

In the Sales Order ‘Add Item’ screen, the User can search for the Item Code. But in that drop down, there is no information available about the Actual Stock Quantity. This only shows up, once the Item was already selected, but then it might be ‘too late’ already to find out, that there is not enough Stock on Hand.

Is there any way to have the Actual Stock Qty available at the time of searching for the Item in the Sales Order screen, without having to select it yet?

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as much as i remember the actual stock qty is mentioned down below when choosing an item, if not you can add a custom field in the doctype sales order items and link it to the item stock qty…

Thank you for your input. Yes, it shows the stock Quantity once the Item was selected. But the User would want to see the Stock Qty BEFORE the Item gets selected. The actual Qty in stock might change the decision of the User or Customer of which Item to select into the Sales Order. So it would be important to display the actual Stock Qty somewhere in the Item-Search/Selection box. Any options?

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I think you should try to change query for items erpnext.controllers.queries.item_query_selling add for this result Stock Qty.

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Thank you, that’s a good idea. Let me check on this.

Hii @David_Stegnitz
Any updates on Actual Stock Qty in Item Search?