Add a Checkbox in the Print Page

I want to add in the print page a new checkbox next to the checkbox “letterhead” wish allows me to customize my page to add or remove a parameter from the table of items in the print format. Is there a solution ? in my case i want to add an image of the item like the picture below .
Thanks for your help.

Hi that would not be possible if you won’t edit the core. What I can suggest for you is to do it via custom script, first you add a custom field for your checkbox in customize form and do the rest of the automation via custom script.

Dear @johnskywalker,
Thank you for your reply, but how can i add a checkbox in the print, and please can you give me a example of custom script to do it?


Easy solution is make two print format. One is with image and one is without image.
Making print format with print format builder is very easy.

Thank @kolate_sambhaji,
I know this solution but i have many fields like image, barcode …
if i check image and barcode i want to add the two fields in the table.
Do you have an idea for doing that?