Add a custom page with backend codes and add a link to frappe

I want to make a page which gets some datas from other site, and print on that page.
How can I do that? And, how can I add a link in frappe to that page?

You have directly create new Page in respective module.

You have link this page in frappe simply like new doctype. Go to respective modules .py file and add page link. Example -

    	"type": "page",
    	"name": "permission-settings",
    	"icon": "icon-sitemap",
    	"label": _("Permission Settings"),
    	"description": _("Permission Settings")
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Quick question on this old thread.

In my deployment, I am not able to add new page using the UI, as there is no new button there.
I made the following changes
Added directory in my app called page.
Added entry to my_app/config/ and
Instead I added appropriate files by looking at POS page, but its not getting picked up.
I am getting 404, The resource you are looking for is not available.
I have deleted respective pyc files to make sure my changes are picked up, but they are not getting picked up.
Is there a documentation of adding new page that I can follow.

Never mind. I found that Administrator user has the permission to create a new Page, I was logged in as a user with all roles assigned.
A comment to the ERPNext team, please avoid any hard coded non-role based privilege access. It might cause unexpected developer trouble.