Add a image to Header

How can we add aimage to the header of the letterhead

just go to that Image icon and it takes you to browse and select the image you want

how to remove the default header and “letterhead name”

Am not sure if its possible to edit the standard letter…
Add new letter head and try the customize at the top of the image you sent.

still the default thing is comming
does it work in your system

yes it does… I made a new letter head and made it default. on the image i attached you tick at the is default box to make the letter head default.

This worked
Thank You Sir

go to customise

then go to edit properties

then make the letter head default.

try it

if i genrate a offer letter its not showing footer in it

how to add it

did you set footer here :point_down:

check this video too

yes, i have add a footer image

I tried it with an image and its working in my system…

what size is your image

its a landscape image