Add a new Account Type?

Hello, I was just wondering if there is somewhere I can add a new/custom Account Type. There is a default list (bank, cash, tax, etc.) for Account Types when I edit an Account, but am I also able to edit this list? Thank you!

In a similar thread, I also noticed that there does not seem to be any way for me to edit the ‘Account’ DocType, even as an administrator… is this correct? I would like to link each account to some other DocType called “Tax Line” (for our bookkeeping) and I am not sure if it is possible to add this information directly to the Account DocType or if I have to add a new DocType to link it.

You can add a custom field for this. But how do you intend to use this?

So if I add a custom field, it should appear in the Account DocType, right? I actually tried to edit the Account DocType to add a field, and I got an error that I was “not allowed to save this DocType.” So that’s why I was wondering if it is actually possible to edit it.

The reason I want to add a field is so that we can filter journal entries from certain accounts to prepare government reports. In Canada, taxes get applied differently depending on how you categorize your expenses (i.e. they vary by account), so I am trying to find a way to generate a tax report by pulling the information just out of certain accounts. Does that make sense?

And also, thank you for your fabulous support. :slight_smile:

You should never edit DocTypes unless you are developing. Add a custom field.

Makes sense.

You are correct, There is no facility for custom Account Type; My problem is There is no suitable option to categories asset accounts neither falling in Fixed Asset or Receivable or Bank or Cash.
In another way, what should be the account type for investment account?

You do not need to put a type at all. The account type is only used for some booking entries. For example, in Payment Entry, the Payment From account dropdown only shows account heads with “Bank” or “Cash” type.

I’m havin a related problem. Trying to migrate from Lexware I use the chart of accounts importer template. It has a column for “Account Type”. Also my accounts from Lexware have Account Types (in german). But when I put in my Account Types from Lexware I’m being told that the Account Type can only be from the predefined list.

Is there a way to keep my Account Types from Lexware? Can I add them to the list so the importer does not complain?

I also ask myself why it is possible to add custom Bank Account Types but it seems not to be possible to add custom Account Types?