Add a place for website users to manage files?

I have a small MSP. When we do a network deployment, we furnish a copy of the network diagram, and a few other files to the customer. Is there a way to store files so that “website users” (the customers) can access those files from the “My Account” section?

You could try creating a webform for a custom doctype with attach fields, that would store the attached files.
The customers could access that webform with the required permission restrictions.
Or if you want something similar to a gallery, I wonder if instead of the attach the image field could help?

How do I enable that new DocType to be visible from a user’s “Account” page, though?

If it’s a webpage where the customers don’t have a login, then just create a webform with the “login required” check box unticked, and map that route to a href link or a button on any of the html element of the webpage.

Or if it’s the desk’s “my profile” page, then you’d need some custom js to modify that…