Add 'add new row' button after submitting a record

I am developing a time management list where i will log every in and out time of the employees.So, i built a doctype with a child table for logging times.Now the problem is when i entry a row for a particular employee i am unable to entry next record of his timing without cancelling the record.After cancelling the record then i had to ammending again.But i want to avoid this process. How can i make an "add new row " button with the list.Here is a screenshot so that you can understand what i am trying to say.

Go to customize from of DocType and make child table allow on submit.By doing this you will get “add row” button.

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Thanks man…Btw bro when i am clicking on the button its popping up the small page for adding values.can i do something if i want a horizontal row instead of a small pop up page. Thanks again man.

Can you Please Share the Screenshots regarding above query it will be helpful to solve yours query.

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i want a horizontal row instead of this bro…

Is “In Time, Out Time, Time Difference” are allow on submit?
is any one or all the fields are mandatory in child table.