Add address to printed cheques

I need to know how to add customer and supplier mailing addresses to printed checks/cheques. I found this older post, but I am not sure what to do with this information:


check this{
		method : "",
			args : {
				party: customer_name,
				party_type: "Customer"
			callback: function(r) {

			customer_address = r.message.address_display;

I hate to say…I’ve not had any luck with this. I can adjust the fields in the form for placement, but I don’t know how or where to place the above code to get the payee’s address to print on the check. (and similar issue with Accounts Receivables reports).

Once I know how to add this, checks and reports can be printed and placed into the windowed envelopes we already have, and sent to the recipients.

What info from me would help solve this?

BTW…I have upgraded to v12, if that makes a difference.

I am not sure if this will help but we go to Print Format List, create a new Print Format, link it to payment entry for check printing format.

Ours displays an address and here’s the screenshot of what that looks like.

Wonderful info! I will definitely try this tomorrow and let you
know how it goes. THNX!

ok, as a Jinga rookie, can you share any more of the html code? I’m flying blind here.

Okay, so there are 2 parts here:

  1. Custom Script for Payment Entry should have this:{
    method: "", //dotted path to server method,
    callback: function(r) {
        // code snippet
        console.log("display address");
        // $(frm.fields_dict['address_display'].wrapper).html(r.message.address_display);

To confirm this is working, go to Payment Entry>New>Check>Supplier> select a supplier and you should get the address displayed when when you select the supplier.

  1. Now that is confirmed showing, on Customize>Print Format>Customize as shown in my last reply.

I hope this helps! We use this and the address shows on our checks in the window envelope exactly as you are describing. I had to learn a lot on jinga in order to get our checks to print exactly as I wanted. Once you have the address showing, then you can play with the top:XXcm and left:XXcm to get the placement you need.

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